Bali Visa Requirements

If you’re visiting Bali for less than 30 days, then the Visa on Arrival will be for you. If, however, you want to travel in Bali for longer than this, you can apply for a 60 day visa at the indonesian embassy in your home country before you travel.

Nationalities that don’t require a Visa

People from the following countries do NOT need a Visa for short visits of up to 30 days.


Tourist Visa

Things have changed a bit since the 30 day Visa on Arrival was made extendible. Now essentially people with a VOA can stay for up to 60 days as long as they pay another $25.

Nevertheless, if you’re not entitled to a VOA or you are but you plan on staying up to 60 days, you can apply for the Tourist visa at the Indonesian Embassy back in your home country before you go. This allows you to stay for up to 60 days in Indonesia and you’ll have a nice one page sticker in your passport.  You can do this by visiting your Indonesian embassy or applying by post and should take a couple of days. In the UK this visa costs £35.